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QuickConsult is an innovative and intuitive approach to finding the medtech help you need quickly. Whether you’re seeking an answer to a single question or long-term consulting for your ongoing project, our experts are here for you. Instead of searching for and hiring a temporary employee with uncertain credentials on your own, QuickConsult can bring the experts to you.

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Our experts range from ex-FDA to vice presidents of Fortune 500 companies, meaning they’ve walked the walk and talked the talk when it comes to the world of medtech. We’ve completed the hard part for you—finding the best medtech experts, vetting them and making them accessible for short- or long-term life science projects. QuickConsult’s preclinical researchers are advanced degreed professionals who can support your work by performing the following:

  • Literature Searches
  • Technical Writing
  • Scientific Investigation

The evolving medtech industry can always present questions despite if you’re the founder of a medtech startup or a seasoned medtech vet. If you have one question that is holding your medical device back from progressing in its life cycle or if you need consulting help through the entire process, our experts can help you quicker than you thought possible. Avoid the headaches and ask your questions now.

What Is Preclinical Research?

If your medical device requires clinical (human) studies to be conducted before it can go to market, you’ll need to conduct preclinical research. The purpose of preclinical research is to determine your medical device’s characteristics or effects. Preclinical research can also help with facets such as establishing Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), which ensure your studies are organized, performed, monitored and reported to meet specific standards. Our experts can help you when it comes to designing your preclinical studies and performing any necessary research that needs to be performed beforehand.

As your medical device travels from ideation to distribution, you’ll have to perform a variety of studies to ensure it’s up to snuff. Unfortunately, the preclinical phase of product development is where many devices fail. Our medtech experts can help you navigate this process, though, to help ensure your product makes it through this challenging phase unscathed. We know FDA regulations and their never-ending updates like the backs of our hands, meaning you can cross your T’s, dot your I’s and make sure everything is abiding by FDA standards for your preclinical studies. By thoroughly preparing for preclinical studies with preclinical research, the faster you can proceed to clinical trials.

Preclinical Areas of Expertise

  • Feasibility / Proof-of-Concept Studies
    • Prove that your product or concept will do as it is intended to do. We can help you show how your product can be used and ultimately help patients.
  • Product Development Studies
  • Surgical and Interventional Services
  • Grant-Funded Projects
  • Histopathology and Bioanalytical Testing
  • Physician and Clinical Bio-Skills Training
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Preclinical Studies
  • Preclinical Risk Analyses
  • Preclinical Program or Study Designs
  • Veterinary Care and Post-surgical Monitoring
  • Device Handling and Performance Evaluation (Human Factors Evaluations and User Requirement Testing)
  • Custom Biocompatibility Testing
    • To ensure your specific medical drug or device doesn’t harm living or healthy tissues, our experts can help you test for biocompatibility
  • Interventional
  • Surgical
  • Toxicology
    • Understand the nature and effects of your medical drugs
  • Pharmacology
    • Dig into the uses and modes of action of your drug
  • Pain
    • We can help research your device or drug’s pain-related behaviors
  • Animal Model Development
  • Pathology Services

Our medtech experts are standing by to help you along the rocky road toward distribution. The difference between having a successful product or a product that gets cut could be something as simple as not knowing recently updated regulations or being unfamiliar with equipment provided for you in a lab. Since our professionals know the ins and outs of preclinical research and studies, they can help you plan for things such as:

Test and Control Articles

Varying Provided Lab Equipment

Medical Personnel Involved with the Study

Ask QuickConsult Experts Your Preclinical Questions Now

From ensuring you abide by GLPs to analyzing your preclinical risks, our experts can help you achieve success. Stop trying to navigate the arduous ins and outs of preclinical research on your own. We can help you make a list and check it twice before proceeding onto your preclinical or clinical study. When you rush into things without ensuring you’ve met all the necessary standards, you risk losing your product in preclinical studies for failing qualifications. Don’t get set back or held up—prevent delays by asking QuickConsult experts what you need to know.

Imagine the amount of time you would have to invest in figuring out every nook and cranny of preclinical studies—especially if you’re new to the medtech industry. If you didn’t invest that time yourself, then consider the cost of hiring a supplemental employee to this for you. The hiring process itself is difficult and ultimately doesn’t ensure you’ll find your dream employee who is an expert in all things preclinical. Instead of allocating that time and money toward something that may not provide the results you need to succeed during your preclinical studies, choose QuickConsult. Our experts are already vetted—we only choose the cream of the crop to help our clients. They want to help and can help you for the short or long of it. Preclinical research can often be the difference between success and failure—let us help make sure you achieve the former.

Ask your preclinical research questions now or choose to hire us on for long-term consulting. We’re waiting to help you and your medtech device succeed sooner.

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QuickConsult experts have experience across numerous product and therapeutic areas, including but not limited to cardiac rhythm, cardiovascular, diabetes, ear, nose & throat, gastroenterological, general surgery, medical supplies, neurological, orthopedic, patient monitoring and recovery, reconstructive/plastic surgery, spinal, surgical innovations, urological/urogynecological, vascular therapies and mobile apps. Their expertise spans management- to executive-level backgrounds in Fortune 500 organizations to startups.

“QuickConsult is like having a really good friend who’s a really good expert, in your back pocket, that you can … ask a tough question! [QuickConsult] provides that network in a way that is easy access, vetted people in an environment that you can trust and be protected. I think that’s invaluable.”

– Susan Alpert, MD, PhD, former Medtronic SVP

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