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Technological advances in the medtech industry have been booming—and not just in terms of medical device development and improvement. Medtech is proliferating the world of mobile and web apps—also known as applications—meaning health apps can be accessed from more than a program on your computer. As a highly accessible software, apps not only make operations or communications more efficient, but they can also pose more privacy a security threats. Are you protected?

QuickConsult Provides the Medtech Answers You Need Now

QuickConsult can help you ensure privacy and security in all aspects of your medtech company. Our process is simple and efficient and, most importantly, you’ll often have your pressing medtech questions answered in less than 48 hours. QuickConsult enables you to ask a one-time question or engage in a long-term relationship with our broad pool of medtech and medical device experts. When you have roadblocks preventing you from progress within your company, the last thing you have is time and money to search for, interview, vet, hire and train a new employee who is an expert with the know-how you need. QuickConsult has already done the hard part—finding and vetting the best experts in the medtech industry. Since we’ve completed the searching, wading through applications, and vetting of bios and resumes, you simply don’t have to.

If you have urgent questions about information privacy or HIPAA, get in touch today. We’ve done the hard part—all you have to do is ask your questions. Once you ask your question, you’ll be met with qualified experts vying to help you. You choose the expert you feel best about and they’ll provide a solution and explanation until you fully understand the answer to your question. Or, if you realize you need your expert for more than one question, we can continue to help and consult until your needs are met. Our experts range from ex-FDA to VPs of Fortune 500 companies. They’ve been there and done that, and they can help you from all they’ve learned from education and experiences.

How Can QuickConsult Help Ensure Your Privacy and Security?

With the proliferation of apps into nearly every industry, it’s no surprise that the medical technology and device industry has followed the trend. Apps can enhance communications and data storage while adding a factor of ease and efficiency to your life. However, despite the benefits, applications can still carry their fair share of privacy and security threats if you aren’t prepared.

QuickConsult can help with:

– Information Privacy

When developing an application to be used in the medtech realm, every platform, operator or app store will require an information privacy policy. What does a privacy policy ensure and how do you go about developing one? An information privacy policy is “a document telling visitors to your site [or app] what information you collect and what you do with that information.” When drafting your privacy policy, you have to ensure it’s in plain language so the majority of the audience can read and comprehend it. Once you describe what type of information is being sought, i.e., name, age, address, gender, credit card information, etc., make sure to describe what it will be used for. If your medtech app doesn’t necessarily need someone’s bank account information, don’t ask for it. Make sure your information privacy is under lock and key and aligns with the information being sought after in your software or app.

– Disclosure Guidance

Are you unsure of what you need to disclose in regard to your medtech company and its respective parts, such as software, apps, etc.? Experts at QuickConsult can help you assess what needs to be disclosed (clinical trials, prices, etc.) and why for your specific medtech device or company.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has been active since 1996. The primary purpose of HIPAA is to establish “national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information” as well as ensure patients can examine and obtain copies of their health records. HIPAA can be a lengthy and confusing privacy rule to unfold and comprehend if it affects you. Since our experts have been through it already, they can guide you through even your toughest HIPAA questions with ease—even questions about how HIPAA applies to mobile applications.


Created in 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act adds on to HIPAA. It was created with the purpose of promoting the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology. Rules and regulations within both HIPAA and HITECH directly affect you and your medtech application or software. Not knowing the intricacies of these laws could cost you valuable time, lots of money and potentially the future of your product or device.

Don’t Risk Losing Time and Money: Know Your Medtech Privacy and Security Laws Today

Being constantly up-to-date on privacy and security laws can be daunting and seem like an overwhelming. And trying to hire a supplemental employee to decipher everything could seem even worse. Skip the tedious work of searching for potential employees, interviewing them and making sure their credentials check out with the hope that they are indeed experts in the areas you need the most help with.

Don’t wait any longer. If you have privacy and security questions when it comes to you medtech company and your venture to creating helpful and efficient medtech apps or software, start asking your questions today. You could be matched with your preferred expert within hours and have your dire questions answered within a couple days. Compare that timeline and seasoned experience with hiring an entirely new employee and you’ll see that QuickConsult is second-to-none. What are you waiting for? Get your privacy and security questions out of the way so you can move forward with your medtech company sooner than you thought possible.

“QuickConsult is like having a really good friend who’s a really good expert, in your back pocket, that you can … ask a tough question! [QuickConsult] provides that network in a way that is easy access, vetted people in an environment that you can trust and be protected. I think that’s invaluable.”

– Susan Alpert, MD, PhD, former FDA Director, former Medtronic SVP

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