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Traversing the marketing world is tricky. In an industry so saturated with products and software and services, where do you even start? You need your medical device to rise above the noise and stand out in your industry—and QuickConsult can help it do just that. We are innovating the medtech industry by providing a deep pool of medtech experts who can answer any questions you have when it comes to medtech marketing.

With seasoned professionals waiting at the marketing helm, QuickConsult is your one-stop shop for all of your medtech questions and projects. Ask ex-FDA regulators or retired VPs of Fortune 500 companies your marketing questions—we have been there and done that so you don’t have to. Whether you need to get into new markets or learn how to effectively brand your product, we can help.

By using QuickConsult, you have the opportunity to submit your question, pick an expert from a pool of qualified experts, and engage with them for one question or several—we even have options for you to work with our experts on long-term projects. We can fulfill your needs in a way tailored to your startup medtech or Fortune 500 company.

How Is Medtech Marketing Changing?

Medtech marketing used to go as far as trying to get your product in front of physicians. This way, your device was top-of-mind when it came to making suggestions to patients. However, people like Kevin Sayer, CEO of Dexcom, know that patients are going to expect makers of health-tech to be able to evolve software and apps faster. He also understands that while getting products in front of doctors used to work, medtech marketing needs to become more patient-centric now. Similarly, when products do come in front of physicians, their differentiating factors and measurable outcomes must be stressed in order to stand out from the crowd. From app development to quickly evolving marketing materials, the scene of medtech marketing is changing faster than ever.

Here are some ways to market your medical technology:

Quickly and Thoroughly Present Product Knowledge

“The increasing number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures (JVs) and other collaborative business models means that companies with disparate marketing solutions will need to synergize their local operations with global requirements,” according to MDDI. In essence, this means you need to make sure sales representatives and other sales avenues are up-to-date on changes or innovations happening with your medical device.

Also, you’re going to want to think “glocally.” This means thinking globally but acting locally when it comes to creating a marketing strategy for med dev companies. Your marketing message and product information should be consistent everywhere, but should also resonate with smaller local audiences. Marketing experts at QuickConsult know how to conduct thorough market analyses and react quickly to user feedback. If consumers are reacting better to one marketing avenue more than another, we can help you fluidly shift focus to successful tactics. By investigating individual and unified markets, we can find out how to craft comprehensive marketing strategies while also speaking to individual demographics that may need your innovative medical device.

Bust Through Medtech Boredom

We know how to do more than help develop informational leaflets that usually sit around in doctors’ offices until the information is severely out of date. Statistics show that knowledge retention “increases from 20% to 75% when prospects are able to ‘drive’ their own interactive sales engagement.” With data like that, why would you make just another fact sheet? Today’s consumers in all industries, including medical devices, are seeking engagement with brands and products.

Our medtech marketing experts can help you create or enhance your marketing materials to rise above the rest. By involving patients more in the buying process of your medtech devices, you’ll further educate and drive consumers to choose the best product for them. Sales representatives and physicians are still important factors in answering questions or making stronger suggestions, but Forrester reports that the average consumer is already 57% of the way through making a purchasing decision before even speaking with a sales rep. Developing and distributing interactive marketing materials for your medical devices has never been more important. We can help you today.

Tell Your Brand Story

QuickConsult’s marketing experts can answer your branding questions—from developing your brand to keeping it consistent across collateral, make sure you’re telling your brand story and your product’s unique value propositions. Step away from price-based selling and step closer to digging into your story. Bringing consumers closer to your brand elicits trust in you and your product.

By telling customers exactly what your product does, how it benefits the patient and why your brand is the best option, and doing so consistently across materials and sales representatives, will mean success for your product. Presenting your product as unique and proving it wields more benefits than competing products will help your product and brand success as consumers shop, educate themselves and compare products for their needs.

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Contacting us right now means you can start creating a marketing strategy perfect for you. Find the expert right for you within minutes. When it comes to making sure your medical device is found in the market—whether it’s new to market or has been around for years—QuickConsult can help answer the tough questions you have about marketing. Unlock your marketing potential and discover best practices sooner than you thought possible.


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