QuickConsult Has the Medtech Industry’s Medical Pros

When it comes to medtech, odds are good you will need the help and advice of a medical expert at some point. From consulting to analysis, our medical experts are doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who have worked directly with the patients you are aiming to serve. Instead of taking the time and money to seek out a medical professional on your own with uncertainty in regard to their experience or subject know-how, QuickConsult is your direct path to the medical advice you’re looking for.

Whether you run a seasoned med dev company or are the founder of a medtech startup, medical professionals can offer insight and advice you may not have thought of before. Our medical experts are familiar with or have worked with medtech companies in the past, meaning they’ve been there and done that. Our medical experts are cost-effective and time-sensitive, meaning you can use their services for as short or as long as you need—whether it’s for a one-time question or a long-term consulting engagement.

What Can Medical Experts Do for You?

Don’t waste your valuable time and money seeking out, vetting and hiring a temporary medical expert for your product or service. Instead, asking QuickConsult a question directly will guide you toward medical experts who are already vetted and waiting for you. Their specialties are comprehensive and include:

General medical practice

Comprehensive knowledge of general medical practice available right at your fingertips. Our experts think in terms of medical possibility and what could happen with patients in a variety of general medical scenarios. While QuickConsult will soon be offering services of medical experts proficient in specific medical specialties, our general medical practice experts will be able to give advice or act as a consultant for your medical technology today.

Use cases

Our medical pros are seasoned, knowledgeable experts who can help you outline use cases for your medical devices. Use cases are lists of steps taken to achieve specific goals. Our medical pros can help you determine a use case and how to get there, including what capabilities or tools you’ll need to your product or business goal.

Risk management

When it comes to the medtech industry, there is an impressive amount of paperwork and regulations to read through, comprehend and abide by. From legal to administrative, QuickConsult’s experts will be able to identify and help you manage the risks you may encounter with your medtech product. Avoid running into risky situations with the FDA, including audits or ISO remediations, with our medical experts who know what to watch for. We can help you establish acceptable risk as well as coordinate any data throughout a product’s life cycle.

Risk analysis

Since our medical experts have experience with compliance and regulatory requirements, we’re available to help assess and analyze the risks you run with your medtech product’s design, manufacturing, and more.

Intended use / indications for use

Intended use / indications for use must involve thorough understanding of how a product will be used as well as its safety and effectiveness. Also, a medical professional is sometimes the only way you will be able to see or understand how a product will interact with other medical devices. The more you can know and understand about the comprehensive use of your medtech product and its intended context, the better—and QuickConsult can help you do just that.

Clinical decision-making

How does your product help doctors, nurses or other personnel make decisions? Would your product make the process more efficient? More accurate? Find out with the help of our medical experts who can see how your medical device fits into a bigger picture.

Clinical research / literature reviews

QuickConsult’s wealth of medical experts can help you develop or assess your medical device’s clinical research. They can also help you develop literature reviews.

QuickConsult Is Ready for Your Medtech Questions

Anytime you need to run something by a medical professional, QuickConsult is your one-stop shop for answers. Simply sign up, ask your question, and within minutes you could have medical experts vying to answer your pressing questions. Instead of going through the process of hiring temporary employees, consider QuickConsult experts to be a part of your supplemental staff.

We’ve already done the hard part: We’ve found the medtech experts you need, including vetting and interviewing them to make sure they really know their stuff. However, you can go through the experts wanting to answer your question yourself to decide who would be the best fit for you. Once you’ve found someone who matches your experience needs and culture, select them and ask away! Once you receive an answer you understand and are satisfied with, select it and rate your expert.

However, if you realize you need ongoing help with your medical device, our experts are available for that, too. Our experts are available for one-time questions or extended periods of time where you may need to ask many questions during the course of one project or phase in a device’s life cycle. Don’t go through the hassle of trying to find an expert on your own only to be met with disappointment when they don’t know all you thought they did. Instead, pick your personal expert from QuickConsult’s fleet of experienced medical professionals who have worked in all parts of the medical field. From nurses to doctors, they can help you make your medical device the best it can be to help patients in the best way possible.

Check us out today—ask your question and pick your expert with less time and money than doing it on your own. More answers and fewer headaches—what are you waiting for?


“QuickConsult is like having a really good friend who’s a really good expert, in your back pocket, that you can … ask a tough question! [QuickConsult] provides that network in a way that is easy access, vetted people in an environment that you can trust and be protected. I think that’s invaluable.”

– Susan Alpert, MD, PhD, former Medtronic SVP

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